Wordless videos provide (what seems like) endless opportunities to elicit language and target problem-solving skills. If you are familiar with our site, you know that we have several articles covering our favorite wordless videos that serve as our go-tos in our speech therapy sessions.

This post adds on to those lists of videos, with some of our NEW favorite videos - just in time for the holidays (see below). Everyone loves a good seasonal activity, right?

Where you can use them:

Speech and language therapy (our bias-personal favorite)

Classroom setting

Camp/after school programs


...Honestly wherever you have a tablet or computer available

We use wordless videos to teach:

-[Emotional] inferencing

-Making predictions

-Commenting and asking/responding to questions

-Expanding sentence structures

-Retelling and summarizing

-Finding the main idea (& other story elements)

-Taking others’ perspective

If you’d like to read about more details discussing specifically how to target these skills, check out our very first wordless videos article.

Wordless Videos for the Holidays

Hey Deer!

By Orz Barczy

Loteria de Navidad (The Christmas Lottery)

By Leo Burnett

The Stepdad

By Disney

Stella: No One Should be Alone at Christmas

By Passion Animation Studios

Edgars Christmas (Erste Christmas Ad)

The Letter

By Psyop

A Fox and a Mouse

By Esma


By Jeffrey Pratt

The Snowman

By Neil Wrischnik

As always, we recommend you watch each video before showing it to your child/student/client to ensure it is most suitable for them.


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Want to know our favorite materials for running smooth and effective intervention sessions?

  1. Blue light glasses - a must for long days using screens
  2. Notepads - for making allllll the to-do lists
  3. Binders - for keeping data and notes organized
  4. Pens and pencils - are you a pen or pencil person? I go back and forth!