It is no secret that we love using wordless videos...we only have three posts about them already. Because we use them so much in our sessions, we thought we would share some more of our favorites and how we use them.

Wordless videos are great for virtual learning and therapy sessions.

Though many individuals are returning to in-person care, teletherapy is around to stay. Wordless videos can also be used when some individuals are attending sessions in person and some are virtual. They are also great for carryover assignments; you can make a worksheet and provide the link to the video for individuals to complete in between therapy sessions.

Wordless videos are also useful when targeting multiple goals in a group session.

In one session, they can be used to target articulation, expressive language, and pragmatic language skills. This may be for one individual with two or more goals or within a group. For example, one individual can work on generalizing the /r/ sound in conversation, another individual can describe what they are watching, and another individual can make an on-topic comment about the video.

They can encourage language growth for all.

They are entertaining for all individuals and all skill levels. We have written about including the whole family in speech therapy activities - wordless videos can be used at home as much as during speech therapy sessions. One sibling may label things they see in the video while the other makes predictions about what will happen next.

Wordless videos are a great way to incorporate meaningful screen time.

This is usually a motivator for individuals young and old. They are entertaining, yet brief, so it doesn’t mean individuals will be sitting in front of a monitor or tablet all day.

More Favorite Wordless Videos

Some of them have slightly more mature topics, so we advise you to watch them first before using them in a session or at home!

  1. Coin Operated
  2. Umbrella
  3. Pip
  4. Rexy and the Volcano
  5. The Box
  6. Scrambled
  7. Howard's Drive-in Theater
  8. Ice Pepper

Coin Operated



Rexy and the Volcano

The Box


Howard’s Drive-in Theater

Ice Pepper

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Want to know our favorite materials for running smooth and effective intervention sessions?

  1. Blue light glasses - a must for long days using screens
  2. Notepads - for making allllll the to-do lists
  3. Binders - for keeping data and notes organized
  4. Pens and pencils - are you a pen or pencil person? I go back and forth!

*We may make a small commission if you purchase any materials; though all opinions are our own :)