Animated shorts are entertaining for kids of all ages and also incorporate some (sneaky) language-based concepts. These wordless videos are great as a therapy material... "Even without any speech?” Of course!

Wordless videos provide opportunities for spontaneous commenting, problem solving, and emotional inferencing (just to name a few). Since we use them so frequently in therapy, we decided to compile a list of 12 of our personal favorites.

“But I want to know how I can apply them in speech therapy!” We’ve got you covered there too! Check out our post from back in February discussing specific ways to use wordless videos in speech therapy to target specific language concepts.

Best Wordless Videos for Speech Therapy

Mouse for Sale

An adorable, big-eared mouse is anxiously waiting in a pet store to be purchased and find a home


Four animals are trying to cross a large drawbridge and run into some obstacles

Snack Attack

An award-winning short featuring two characters that have conflicting opinions on sharing a crunchy snack

Catch It

A group of meerkats face a dilemma when a vulture invades their territory and tries to steal their beloved fruit

Head Up

Two goats trying to navigate a rocky terrain

Sweet Cocoon

A fluffy caterpillar tries to find a suitable cocoon with the help from two other critters

Ormie the Pig

Ormie will do whatever he can to reach the jar of cookies on top of the fridge. Will he ever get them?

Carrot Crazy

Two men try to lure a rabbit by coming up with unusual, but creative methods

For the Birds

A group of birds perched on a telephone wire are disrupted when another goofy bird decides to join them

The Egyptian Pyramids

An archeologist discovers a facinating tool while digging next to ancient pyramids

Trouble in Paradise

An island-living crab is disturbed when he finds a (seemingly) enormous coconut in the sand

La Petite Cordonnier (The Small Shoemaker)

Mr. Botte is a shoemaker who is faced with his match when a new shoe salesman comes to his Parisian neighborhood

Comment below to tell us your favorite wordless video!

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