With the holidays right around the corner, we have created some fun Hanukkah-themed activities...that also incorporate language development. Win-win if you ask us!

Scavenger hunts are a great way to explore different vocabulary and language concepts. They can be used to target receptive language skills, expressive language skills, and pragmatic language skills.

For receptive language, an individual may read or listen to an item to find. For expressive language, an individual may say or write the item they found. For pragmatic language, an individual may work with someone else to complete the scavenger hunt, or ask for help locating an item. Note: these are only a few examples of targeting language skills- there are many more ways to use scavenger hunts!

Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt for Speech Therapy, the Classroom, and Home

You can download (for free) this on our Teachers Pay Teachers page

Where would I use a scavenger hunt?

A few possibilities include:

  1. Classroom
  2. Home
  3. Outside
  4. Book
  5. Picture scene
  6. Videos/songs
  7. High tech AAC device (e.g. speech-generating device)

Scavenger Hunts in Books

Some of the most popular Hanukkah books can be found here.

Scavenger Hunts in Visual Scenes

Hint: you can use the markup/annotate feature on devices to help point out different items.

Scavenger Hunts in Videos/Songs

Holiday Scavenger Hunts Tips:

The individual or individuals can share what they found and tell you verbally, or write it down. They can explain why they picked a certain item, e.g. "I found a dreidel because it's hard," or "I found a candle because it's hot."

Some items can be applied to many of the scavenger hunt icons - you can decide if an individual has to find unique items or not.

Use this as a guide, but feel free to add or remove some items based on your situation or activity.

Check out our Christmas-themed scavenger hunt as well!

Some of our other holiday activities:

Christmas- and Hanukkah-themed following directions

Baking, playing games, making a snowman