There are so many ways to learn about fall in speech therapy sessions, in the classroom, and at home. We rounded up some of our favorite fall books, themes, and activities. Use these to plan sessions or lessons in minutes! Parents and caregivers: these can also be used to facilitate communication at home. They can be used with the whole family!

Fall Books

I love books for targeting speech sound disorders (The Leaf Thief is great for /l/ and /th/ - commonly targeted sounds!). They naturally lend themselves to receptive and language skills as well. You may point out new vocabulary, label pictures, and retell what happened. Target phonological awareness and pre-literacy skills with books, too!

  1. Pete the Cat Falling For Autumn: Pete the Cat always has great adventures (we're self-proclaimed super fans)
  2. The Leaf Thief: A cute story about the leaves changing colors and falling from trees
  3. Too Many Pumpkins: A woman has a dilemma about growing pumpkins at her home
YouTube is great when you are unable to get your hands on a book!

Fall Themes

I typically use themes for some of my older clients (e.g. late elementary and middle school) but they can be used for younger clients as well. I find great articles on Readworks and often look for accompanying videos on YouTube. After we read an article or watch a video, I encourage my clients to draw a picture or create something (with play dough or Legos) related to what they learned. It's always interesting to see what they make!

  1. Harvests around the world
  2. Bird migration
  3. Indigenous Americans
  4. Fall holidays
  5. Autumn equinox
An introduction to a harvest festival

Fall Activities

There are a number of hands-on and virtual activities related to fall! Search for fall items (e.g. acorns, leaves, pumpkins) as you go for a walk, read a book, or look at a fall picture scene. Use arts and crafts to make requests, comments, and descriptions as you paint leaves, pumpkins, or farm scenes. If you don't have access to actual leaves or pumpkins, coloring in a picture works great, too.

We have also created some fall resources, including fall BINGO, fall WH- question stories, and Halloween Mad Libs.

These stories can be accessed on our site or on our Teachers Pay Teachers page!

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