Whether you are a teacher, therapist, or a parent who is looking for a playdate activity - you’ve found a multi-use FREE resource. Perfect for these cozy fall months.

We love theme BINGO activities because they can be used in so many different ways (and are super easy to prep). They can be used at home or in a therapy session, in person or virtually, with one individual or with a group. They provide multiple opportunities to target many speech, language, and communication skills including receptive language, expressive language, pragmatic language/goals, and more. Many of these words are fringe words for AAC users as well.

Access this board (and two other versions) on our Teachers Pay Teachers site or screenshot from this post and enjoy. If you print it out and are looking for board markers, we recommend little pieces of paper, beads, coins, or other small trinkets. If you use it virtually, you may use annotate/markup features to mark your board.

If you are leading the BINGO game, you can select the words randomly, or enter them into this website and it will select the words for you.

For more FREE resources and BINGO boards, check out our Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Use BINGO to Target Speech, Language, and Communication Skills

Articulation: many of these words may contain target sounds specific for an individual, such as /p/ ("pie"), /l/ ("leaves"), or /k/ ("corn").

Receptive language: listen for a specific word, or follow (conditional) directions, such as, "Put a coin on your picture if you have hayride in the top row."

Expressive language: use carrier phrases to expand utterances e.g., "I have [word]," to indicate when you can mark a spot; respond to WH- questions e.g., answer what spots are remaining until they achieve BINGO; or use 3 words to describe the corresponding picture before a spot is marked.

Pragmatic skills: request wanting to play, include turn-taking activity where individuals take turns selecting the word, or use as a conversation starter about Halloween.