We love using LEGO blocks for speech therapy activities and recognize how great they can be for promoting language and communication skills.

It is no secret that we love using everyday toys/objects, like games, play dough, arts & crafts supplies, books, and more to target speech therapy goals.

The purpose of doing this is twofold: first, we want our sessions to be fun and engaging, and we want speech and language growth to occur in a more naturally-occurring setting.

Individuals of all ages can have fun while playing with LEGO blocks: those prone to putting them in their mouth or without the best fine motor skills can use bigger blocks and others can use the smaller, more finite blocks.

Targeting Speech Therapy Goals with Legos

Playing with Legos can be used to target a wide variety of goals -

  • Vocabulary: LEGO blocks can be used to target basic vocabulary concepts, including size (big/small), colors, and shapes.
  • Core words: You can build things with LEGOs and put MORE blocks ON other ones, say "GO" and knock over a LEGO tower, PUT blocks IN other block structures, take them OUT or OFF, ask for HELP, or say you WANT a specific LEGO
  • Expanding utterances: Comment on what you're building using short phrases and sentences (can be used with multimodal communication as well).
  • Turn-taking: Work with others to share LEGO blocks, ask for specific ones, and build something together
  • Play skills: LEGO blocks can be created and used as different things (e.g. a car, a microphone) to work on symbolic representation
  • Articulation: Client says a target sound/word a certain amount of times then gets to put a few LEGO pieces together
  • Summarizing: After you read a story or article, clients can make something out of LEGO blocks to represent what was discussed - e.g. a character, object, or concept

Where to Get LEGO blocks

They can be found online on various sites, like Amazon and Target, or in stores wherever toys are sold!

Find some LEGOs here:

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