How to Write AAC Goals

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) goals for speech therapy can cover a LOT of areas. There are so many unique aspects of AAC, which can seem overwhelming at times. We have been there before and wanted to help others go through the process more easily - so we created an AAC goal bank!

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Preview of our AAC Goal Bank for Measurable Treatment Goals

This goal bank includes:

  • How to write complete therapy goals
  • Links to our free goal articles
  • Links to Common Core State Standards
  • Writing tips
  • Do + Condition + Criterion + Consistency Statements

The "Do" statements include:

  • Linguistic - Receptive
  • Linguistic - Expressive
  • Social - Pragmatic
  • Literacy
  • Device Competencies

The "Condition" statements include:

  • AAC system
  • In order [to]...
  • Setting
  • Prompts/models
  • Time/manner

The "Criterion" statements include:

  • Accuracy
  • Opportunities
  • Trials
  • Per session
  • Time

This AAC goal bank allows you to look at each client/student individually and create MEASURABLE goals that address specific AAC goals. Rather than giving you a goal bank with goals typed out in their entirety, we have designed a mix-and-match type of goal bank so that you have the power to choose the DO Statement, CONDITION Statement, and CRITERION Statement that best suits the individual that is going to be using AAC.

These goals can be used with all types of AAC systems: no tech, low tech, mid tech, and/or high tech.

Find our AAC Goal Bank below or head to Teachers Pay Teachers to access it there!