SAVE TIME creating measurable and individualized speech therapy goals for your school-aged clients/students. This goal bank + resource packet is adaptable and a great guide for helping you figure out what skill your client needs to focus on next. This can be incredibly helpful for new grads and CFs as well as seasoned clinicians!

No more last minute searching for IPA lists, speech sound acquisition charts, or phonological processes charts. Yes, we’ve included them (and even more) with citations)!

Select your own combination of DO + CONDITION + CRITERION statements to develop personalized and measurable goals for your caseload. This covers articulation, phonology, and apraxia language skill areas!

What you get with our Articulation, Phonology, & Apraxia Goal Bank + Resource Packet:

  • Over 10 pages of DO, CONDITION, CRITERION, and CONSISTENCY statements for articulation, phonology, and apraxia disorders
  • Overview of functional and organic speech sound disorders (SSDs)
  • Considerations for cleft lip/palate and hearing loss
  • Implications of phonological disorders on literacy skills
  • Importance of hearing screenings
  • Cultural and linguistic considerations
  • Common treatment approaches
  • Favorite activities to target speech sounds
  • Speech sound acquisition chart
  • Phonological processes chart
  • IPA chart
  • Common Core links
  • Links to additional (free) goal banks (articulation, AAC, cluttering, Early Intervention, expressive language, executive functions, figurative language, fluency, phonological awareness, play skills, pragmatic language, receptive language, self-determination, and voice) with helpful articles for goal writing
  • Goal writing tips
  • Citations page

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