As an SLP, writing goals is necessary for ALL of your clients. Save your time and energy researching fluency strategies and approaches with this evidence-based fluency goal bank!

This resource contains over THOUSANDS of possible goal combinations included and is easy-to-use! Select your own combination of DO + CONDITION + CRITERION (& consistency) statements to develop personalized and measurable goals for your caseload.

What you get in our Fluency Goal Bank:

-Goal areas covered:

  • Stuttering knowledge/awareness
  • Stuttering experience
  • Stuttering modification
  • Speech modification
  • Reducing negative reactions
  • Cluttering & more!

-Outline of our easy-to-use goal-writing formula

-Pages of helpful resources:

  • Stuttering info pages
  • Cluttering info page
  • Detailed fluency approaches
  • Stuttering resources
  • Links to other goal articles and (FREE) goal banks
  • Tips before you write

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