When we created Communication Community, our intention was to provide resources and information for individuals to strengthen communication connections with and understanding of individuals with speech, language, and communication difficulties. We want to be inclusive and create a community that can be accessed and beneficial for anyone and everyone.

We believe that systemic racism exists, that black lives matter, and that we should strive to be anti-racist. We want to provide resources about some of the recent events that have been happening in the United States and beyond. However, we are not experts on this, and we are continuing to educate ourselves and take meaningful actions. As we continue to educate ourselves, what we can do is find resources from others and share them with you.

Below is a collection of books, stories, videos, and posts that we have found that discuss the protests surrounding George Floyd’s death, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the anti-racism movement. We hope that they are informative and that you are able to share some or all of these resources with individuals in your lives.

Elmo from Sesame Street explains Black Lives Matter

Book Recommendations

These sites provide numerous children's book recommendations.

Vashti Harrison: Author, Illustrator, Filmmaker

Having Our Say Speech & Language Therapy, LLC

The Story Pirates

News Articles

Protestors Call for Justice

Black lives matter.

Social Story + More Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers



Other Resources

Child Mind Institute Instagram post about helping kids handle the news

Free downloadable book (in many languages)

We understand that each family member/caregiver/clinical professional visiting our site is facing their own challenges that may be unique to their circumstance, or similar to others', but not publicly addressed here. Please feel free to make suggestions in our comments to help us best understand how we can serve our community.