Doing articulation drills are important for children, but they can also be fun and exciting! We created a simple Bingo game using SymbolStix that contains both many different words with /l/ in the initial position (important!), but is also fun.

Check out our Teachers Pay Teachers page for this free download!

This is for parents and SLPs alike. It is quick to prepare and easy to use. You can choose words at random, follow a certain pattern, or print a few copies and cut one up to use as a master list. Use cut up paper, beads, or coins to cover the words if you print it out.

If you are an SLP using Zoom or another online learning platform that allows for screen-sharing, you can pull it up on your screen for your client to see. Check out our post about Zoom for more tips and tricks here! You can also take a screenshot and use the markup tool to cover the appropriate words. We have a post about this as well!

Articulation Practice Tips for /l/:

Touch your tongue to your top teeth when making the "l" sound.

Articulation Practice Tips for All Sounds:

  1. Focus on progress not perfection. Not all repetitions will sound perfect, and that is okay.
  2. To increase complexity, say the target word in a phrase or sentence. For example: "green leaf," or "I see a leaf."
  3. Try to get in as many trials as possible. A good target would be to say at least 10 of these words in one sitting - saying all of them a few times would be best.

Citations/further resources:

Credit to for providing a word list for this game!