What is Everyday Speech?

Everyday Speech was co-founded by a speech-language pathologist (SLP), as it focuses on many of the principles that many SLPs use in their day-to-day interventions, specifically when working on pragmatic language skills. For those of you who aren’t as familiar, pragmatic language refers to the social aspect of language, meaning using language with others. It is also commonly referred to as social skills.

Their platform offers a ton of video modeling, featuring “what to do and say,” in specific situations, settings, and/or contexts. Additionally, they offer corresponding questions and worksheets for content areas and various related activities and games. Most games are virtually-based, as in you are engaging online on either a desktop or tablet. Personally, we find this ideal for teletherapy or if you are conducting instruction (virtually) with groups, especially social groups!

Another feature of Everyday Speech is that (with the Premium account) you have the option to track progress for an unlimited number of students/clients, send unlimited homework assignments, and create saved lists of content. With the basic membership this is limited; however, you still have access to all of the same videos and materials.

All that said, it is important to mention that Everyday Speech isn’t exclusively for SLPs! We know almost as many occupational therapists (OT) and special education professionals who utilize educational materials from the site as a part of their instruction as well.

Content Areas

Everyday Speech offers a wide range of content areas focusing on social communication and social-emotional behaviors. The primary content areas include:

-Emotional Recognition



-Play Skills

-School Rules

-Perspective Taking

-Basic Conversation Skills

-Conversation Topics

-Advanced Conversation Skills

-Nonverbal Communication

-Situational Awareness

-COVID-19 Materials

Within each content area, you can find a comprehensive curriculum with goals, activities/worksheets, and sometimes, games. Some content areas also have materials for an array of skill levels (e.g., elementary-aged, high/middle school-aged, etc.) with multiple lessons within each (they call them Units).

If you provide them with your email, you also have the option to subscribe (at no cost) to receive free materials each Monday as a feature of their Material Mix Monday.

What's the Catch?

If you don’t have a desktop computer or iPad available at your workstation, this program may not be for you. Pretty much all of the content is virtually based, but there are options to print off worksheets and activities to use if technology is not available. Additionally, it is somewhat of an investment if you are a single user: $299.00 annually for the Basic subscription and $399.00 for the Premium subscription. Everyday Speech does offer special rates and group plans for multiple users, schools, and school districts.

We encourage you to get more information from their site and determine if this program is right for you and the individuals you work with!

Link to ---> https://everydayspeech.com/