What Are Office Hours?

Office Hours are live, bi-weekly events hosted in our Premium Community. As a Premium Community member, you can attend/participate in the live recording; however, recorded versions of our Office Hours are available to watch in our (free) Open Community

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Office Hours are dedicated times to ask questions, learn new information, and collaborate with others. We want our community to be a space where members can connect with like-minded professionals and our Office Hours events are one way to do so.  

Every other week, we (Kristi and Becca) go live on our Premium Community platform. We typically meet on Thursdays and spend about an hour talking about a clinical topic we’ve selected. Sometimes, the event is just us, but other times, we have Guest Office Hours and are joined by another professional. We share our Win of the Week (professional and/or personal) and have a casual, podcast-like discussion. 

Recent Office Hour Topics Include:

  • Discussion with Razi Zarchy, one of the founders of ASL At Home, a family-centered curriculum for families with young deaf children and the professionals who support them.
  • Incorporating clients’ interests into assessment and treatment sessions
  • Effective collaboration with other professionals and families
  • Self-determination skills: what they are and how to incorporate into sessions
  • Core words in AAC: what they are and ideas for implementation
  • WH- questions: how and why to target in sessions

Office Hour Highlights

Recordings: All of the Office Hours are recorded, so if you aren’t able to attend live, you can still watch/listen to our discussion.

Questions: We share our topic and/or guest(s) ahead of time, so you can ask questions about the topic that can be answered during the event.

Resources/Links: Often, other resources or sites are discussed during the Office Hour. This may include the guest’s website, a resource available in our Premium Community, or a blog post we wrote about the topic. These links and resources are shared when we share the recording. 

Premium Community members are ALWAYS invited to join Office Hours live, contribute to the discussion, and ask questions ahead of time. Open Community members are able to access the recording, as well as any links and free resources, afterward.

Why Should I Join/Watch Office Hours?

There are many benefits to Office Hours. Some of them include:

Collaborating with Others: Our Office Hours provide opportunities to meet with us and other community members, so you can get to know other professionals and network with others.  

Getting New Ideas: As we discuss a certain topic, we often share stories about our clinical experiences. This sharing of information can spark new ideas that you can apply to your practice. 

Solving Problems: If you are struggling with a certain client or treatment area, Office Hours can help you break through some of these problems. Asking us questions can lead to some effective brainstorming sessions. 

Where Can I See the Office Hours?

Watch all previously recorded Office Hours and RSVP for future ones inside our Premium Community. Check out our prior Office Hours inside our (free) Open Community.

We have no fun during Office Hours 😉