Our Mission

Communication for all

Welcome to Communication Community! We are so glad you are here. As licensed speech-language pathologists, we wanted to create an inclusive site containing resources that caregivers, educators, and related service providers alike can utilize to strengthen their communicative connections and developmental understanding towards the individuals they care for every day.  

The goal of Communication Community is to demonstrate that communication is for all - no matter one’s age, abilities, or speech and language skills. By sharing our professional knowledge through related articles and resources, our goal is to build a community. A community that provides tools help to increase parent-child interactions, that also strengthens the interpersonal and linguistic connection between generations. A community that encourages and teaches natural opportunities for language growth and expansion. A community that generates more conversation surrounding alternative forms of communication and those working with/caregiving for individuals with special needs.

We hope that Communication Community provides valuable information for you. We always want to hear from you. Reach out to Becca and Kristi at hello@communicationcommunity.com!



I’m Becca! I am currently living in Denver but my hometown is along the coast of Massachusetts. I currently work with school-aged children in schools and via teletherapy. I have experience working with adults using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and in hospitals as well. I believe that communication is for everyone, and that doesn’t always mean “talking.” When I’m not at work you can find me enjoying the sunshine in Colorado whether I am hiking, skiing, or sitting on a patio!


Hi there! My name is Kristi. I spent the past few years living in Boston and New York City, working for programs treating pediatric and young adult populations with autism spectrum disorders. A large focus of my work is/was also on AAC! Last year, I made the move from NYC back to my home state of Florida. I have dual professional licensure in New York and Florida and have been enjoying teletherapy services and working in a pediatric clinic. Being back in Florida has been (hot, but) wonderful, as I love to be outdoors, whether I am kayaking or going for long walks with my pup!


Kristi moved from Florida to Massachusetts, where she attended graduate school and met Becca. The two became fast friends and have remained close pals and collaborators ever since!